Simeon Poulin

Havas – XD Internship Program 2014

Nurturing emerging Experience Design talent

Mission Statement: 
The Havas UX Academy seeks to collaborate with up-and-coming user experience professionals who have a passion for emerging technologies and impactful design in order to learn from each other and grow the field together.

Working with Jeremy Franck, I helped develop and run the Experience Design internship program during the summer of 2014. The program consisted of 7 interns who were students at some of the top interactive departments in the US and abroad. The interns primarily worked on embedded teams with a mentor. They also participated in an agency-wide project to create a pitch for a real client that was presented and selected to the client at the end of the session.

Workshop Calendar:
Week 1: June 26 – Introduction to the project and working methodologies
Week 2: July 3 – User research and and choosing a project
Week 3: July 10 Pitching your project
Week 4: July 17 – User journey workshop to prioritize features
Week 5: July 24 – Wireframing your ideas
Week 6: July 31– Prototyping, testing, and iterating
Week 7: August 8 – Final Presentation

Specific Tasks:

  • Learning about various working methodologies such as: Agile, Waterfall, Lean UX, etc.
  • Researching and selecting a project based on design constraints and initial research.
  • Pitching a project and incorporating initial feedback.
  • Creating personas based on analytics research.
  • Designing user-flows through an experience and highlighting potential “pain-points” and opportunities to “surprise and delight” the user.
  • Creating a list of features based on the user journey.
  • Ideating and designing information architecture and wireframes based on user needs and feature set.
  • Prototyping and iterating wireframes with users.
  • Presenting the project to other groups and XD mentors.

Wireframing workshop.

The interns broke up into teams to work on the wireframes.

Quick prototypes were created and tested.

A token of thanks at the end of the program