Simeon Poulin

IBM Think Academy Personas and Feature development workshop

Creating Personas based on data and creating features based on their needs

The personas are the result of gathering quantitative and qualitative research about our users. The quantitative data was gathered by combining analytics and on-site click-through data. The qualitative data was gathered by asking specific questions to our users and directly engaging them on our internal social network, IBM Connections. The goals of developing the personas is to accurately illustrate examples of our different user types as well as to identify their goals and pain points.

TA-Personas-3 TA-Personas-2 TA-Personas-1

Once the personas were developed, the team spent a full day brainstorming new, relevant features for our platform. The session was based on initial persona work that was done previously.  The goal of the workshop was to refine the overall goals of the platform and begin making the transition from platform to product.

ToLThe Features were also mapped nack to our central “theories of learning” that had been identified.

 Discussing the personas

 The team weighs in

 Sample new feature

Mapping a feature back to user needs


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