Simeon Poulin

NYC Marathon Personas

Looking at the digital experience of the NYC Marathon through the eyes of the users

As part of the larger effort to redesign the NY City Marathon website on 2013, I worked with the New York Road Runners (NYRR) and the creative Agency Doublespace to create personas based on Qualitative and Quantitative data. The qualitative data included interviews and polling with runners of different experience levels and various marathon participants.

The quantitative data was mostly taken from site analytics and behavior tracking. The personas reflect the users’ expectations and frustrations as well as their more holistic relationship to the marathon and the NYRR in general. The entire annual lifecycle of the marathon experience had to be considered as different users would use different features on the site at different time.


All of the participants of the marathon had to be considered as they would all be using the site in one way or another.



With such a large, day-long event, even a task like “getting to the marathon” becomes much more complicated and had to be considered.


Of course the runners themselves had to be accounted for. Even the runners came in several varieties; from the experienced proffesional runners to a person running their first marathon.