Simeon Poulin

IBM Smarter Planet II

Reimagining a global marketing site with responsive, faceted browsing

In 2013, I collaborated with an internal content strategy team at IBM to help craft a new iteration of their Smarter Planet site.  The goals of the redesign were to implement faceted browsing in place of the traditional linear flow that had been used. The site was also to be fully responsive down to mobile size. The third goal was to build in progressive personalization so that the site could dynamically recognize a user’s preferences and dynamically recommend content based on them.


The structure and hierarchy organization of the content. These map to IBM’s marketing initiatives, Smarter Planet and Smarter Cities.


A diagram illustrating how a user would navigate into the layered filtering.



Wireframe showing how this filtering would be displayed and how it would effect the design.


responsiveThe entire system needed to work responsively on a variety of devices. Breakpoints were designed around popular devices.


Setting up templates for different content types and showing how they would display.


A typical article type page layout. Each page features related thought leaders, conversations, and downloadable materials. They are also designed to be highly social.


All of the filtering tools had to work in mobile as well.


The article page in mobile.  The related thought leaders, conversations, and downloadable materials are now accessible through a page-bottom navigation.